Portable Hard Drive

Datacatch Librarian

Datacatch Librarian Search external hard drive data backups and data archives or any storage media hard drives, USB hard drives, portable drives or optical media storage such as DVDs. Datacatch also provides the library management features you need to keep your physical storage media organized. Not only find the file but also know exactly where the physical external hard drive or storage media is located. - Automatically catalog external hard drives, USB drives, removable hard drives, CDs, DVDs or flash cards - Full integrated with Windows file

Crashed Drive Mechanic 2008.802: Repair Any Crashed Hard Drive and Recover Lost Data. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Crashed Drive Mechanic 2008.802

DRIVE MECHANIC, HARD DRIVE RECOVERY SOFTWARE Fix Any Crashed Hard Drive. Recover Lost Data and Lost Files. Bring your dead PC back to life! Crashed Hard Drive Mechanic Recovery software is designed so anyone can get their PC back up and running in minutes! Easily locate and recover hard drive crashes with FAT32 drives, NTFS drives, corrupted partitions, invalid drive specifications, disk boot failures, and boot sector problems. The Hard Drive Mechanic

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HDDlife for Notebooks 2.9.105: Diagnose and control your notebook hard drive health state.
HDDlife for Notebooks 2.9.105

hard drive as a percentage of a new drive. You can see this value right after you start the program. Another unique technology called AnywhereView? makes drive performance indicators available from dialog boxes of any software application. These technologies provide clear and available information about the performance of the hard drive. When HDDlife controls the work of the hard drive, it informs you about hard drive overheating or a decrease in

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Recover Files from Samsung HDD Pro 6.27: Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive - Recover files from Hard drive
Recover Files from Samsung HDD Pro 6.27

hard disk drive. How to recover files from Samsung, Western Digital (WD), Seagate and many other drives? Just download and run hard drive recovery software. How do I recover files from formatted hard drive? How can I undelete files from hard drive of any model? All is possible with hard drive recovery software. This program can recover files from formatted hard drive, recover deleted files from drive, restore files from broken hard disk. File recovery

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DriveClone Pro 3.5: Back up your hard drive with a 1:1 image. Use system snapshot for easy recovery.
DriveClone Pro 3.5

hard drive. Copy your disk image onto a new hard drive for rapid recovery from hard disk failure or to upgrade your system with better hardware. DriveClone Pro`s hard disk imaging lets you quickly recover, replace, or upgrade your hard drive in case of any catastrophic data disaster. Your software, files, and settings will appear exactly as they were when you created the hard drive image. Simple enough for a home user, DriveClone Pro still has plenty

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Recover Lost Files from Seagate drive 8.04: Recover Lost Files from Seagate disk drive and Others (Western Digital, Samsung)
Recover Lost Files from Seagate drive 8.04

hard drives of other manufacturers (Western Digital (WD), Samsung, Hitachi and others). Recover files from Hard drive of Any type: ~ Recover files from Internal hard drive (restore lost files from hard disk drive memory device, located inside of your computer: desktop PC, notebook, laptop, portable computer, mobile computer, netbook) ~ Recover files from External hard drive (restore, undelete and recover files from external / mobile / portable /

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Hard Drive Monitor 1.4: Freeware for hard drive monitoring tool
Hard Drive Monitor 1.4

Hard Drive Monitor is one free hard drive monitoring utility, it can help you to keep an eye on all hard drives on your computer, tell the hard disk status and information on live time, developed by, is one absolutely freeware for every PC users, support all Windows platforms, it is one small and useful disk tool, no need install, and can run from USB flash disks, be easy to use and handy for everyday use.

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